Investment Platform Reporting

Over the last few years, there has been a growing demand from investors for more transparency and better reporting around their platform performance reporting. This is particularly true for fund managers who are using platforms to administer their performance for their portfolios. In response to this demand, platform investment reporting solutions have developed extensive capabilities […]

Fund Factsheet Reporting

If you manage a fund, then you know how important it is to have accurate and up-to-date reporting. Factsheet reporting, fund reporting, and fund management reporting are all critical components of running a successful fund. But what if there was a way to streamline the process? With the right software, you can make your fund […]

Performance & Attribution Analysis

One of the key features of the Quant Reports platform is Attribution Analysis, also known as ‘performance attribution’, ‘profit attribution’, or ‘investment performance attribution’. It is a sophisticated tool that can be used give insights into performance of a portfolio or fund manager, and enable better decision making. It begins by identifying the asset classes […]

A “down under” lesson about GIPS®

A repost from: | Posted by David Spaulding – October 24, 2017 Australia’s relationship with presentation standards A little background for you: Australia was one of the first country sponsors of the Global Investment Performance Standards. They had their own standard (AIPS: Australian Investment Performance Standards), but actively participated in the development of GIPS. […]

GIPS Compliance for Fund Factsheets

Of the Top 100 asset management firms around the world, around 85% claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) –  this is increasingly common as more firms adopt the standard. The Quant Reports platform has all the required widgets and calculation methodologies to present GIPS compliant presentations. Complying with the latest GIPS standards […]

The Digital Fund Factsheet Revolution

The investment manager is usually time-poor and has larger priorities such as outperforming the markets, as such fund factsheets are often a cumbersome afterthought. In order for the manager to be successful, they usually need to increase AuM and improve their marketing to reach new clients while keeping existing clients happy to prevent redemptions. When […]

Increase Fund Performance with Attribution & Reporting

Clients are demanding greater transparency into portfolios, therefore the investment professional needs new methods of better explaining fund performance and strategies. Use Quant Reports tools to calculate rates of return, attribution, composite returns, and ex-post risk measures. Having a 30,000 foot view into performance can greatly assist investment professionals making decisions. Performance measurement Calculate portfolio […]

Reporting Software for Investment Managers

In this modern day and age, investors are more savvy and demanding a higher level of transparency with their investment accounts and the market. As client requirements are likely to evolve, investment firms need to be flexible, scalable and innovation with their operations to leverage client expectations. With integrated reporting software, the Quant Reports platform […]

Automated Fund Factsheets

Creating documents such as mutual fund factsheets or quarterly investment reports manually is a huge drain on resources and is prone to human error. Quant Reports can generate automated investment documents and backend analytical reports for investment committees and risk management. Our document automation platform uses the professional quality output with a powerful charting and […]