& analytics reporting

Provide your investment team with enhanced portfolio transparency, improving the consistency and repeatability of their investment mandate while providing new insights.
Live Trade Attribution
Multi-Asset Tactical Attribution
Strategy Backtesting
Portfolio Construction
Interactive Dashboards
Risk Contributions
X-Ray Holdings
Visualise portfolio diversity with an X-ray view into specific factor exposures
Full Attribution
Analysis at the total plan, manager portfolio and composite levels across asset classes
Monitor Investments
Identify competing or complementary assets and observe structural market breaks ahead of time
Tactical Attribution
Understand drivers of alpha from allocation, selection, benchmark and interaction with advanced models
Investment Committees
Deliver detailed analytics to committee members as soon as calculations have finished
Multi-Asset Risk
Ex-post or ex-ante basis, at a manager level or custom sleeve such as asset class or factor
Live & Interactive
Endless library of analytics to attract and assist researchers or new investors with their due diligence

Enhanced quantitative, multi-asset reporting and attribution

Multi-asset and passive investing popularity has grown dramatically during the last decade, bringing with it an increasing complexity in reporting. In an increasingly complex and data-centric investment landscape, embracing these sophisticated analytics tools is essential for fund managers to stay ahead of the curve and deliver optimal results for their clients.
Here are some key benefits of utilizing Quant Reports performance analytics tools
Cutting Edge Performance Analysis
Quant Reports offers dynamic digital charting, presenting a complete evaluation of investment performance. Asset managers can delve into returns, risk metrics, and a plethora of performance indicators, all driven by state-of-the-art statistical models. This rigorous analysis grants unparalleled insights into portfolio performance.
Robust Risk Analysis
Risk is multifaceted, and Quant Reports addresses it head-on. Asset managers benefit from exhaustive risk analytics, from value-at-risk (VaR) measures to advanced risk assessments like Monte Carlo simulations, stress tests, scenario testing, and back-testing. This suite ensures managers can pinpoint vulnerabilities and strategize effectively.
Data-Driven Decision Making
Quant Reports champions data-driven decision-making, allowing managers to lean on robust historical data analysis instead of mere intuition. With access to comprehensive libraries of indicators, charts, statistics, and analytics, managers can discern patterns, correlations, and trends, refining their investment approach.
Tactical Portfolio Insights
Uncover the sources of alpha, from allocation and selection strategies to benchmark comparisons. Quant Reports' tactical analysis, combined with asset risk monitoring capabilities, provides a granular look into multi-asset risks and manager-specific insights.

Elevate investment analytics with compelling, insightful reporting and intuitive visual analysis

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