your mixed data problem

Quant Reports can streamline your fund data management processes with dynamically linked reports connected to a centralised database - being data agnostic we can also connect to many providers or sources.
  • Data ingestion
  • Robust calculations
  • Customisable analytics
  • Secure cloud based
  • Live and Interactive
  • Advanced risk management
  • Admin/platform agnostic
  • Regulatory compliance
  • White label (B2C)
  • Easy integrations
  • Professional quality output
Navigating the complex world of fund data is pivotal for maintaining investor visibility. Data discrepancies across platforms waste valuable investment professional time and can impact the bottom line. While managing fund data might not be the core focus for asset managers, its precision and regularity are paramount.

At Quant Reports, we streamline this process. Asset managers, regardless of size, often find themselves juggling varied data formats and scopes. We alleviate these challenges by actively managing and harmonizing client data across various vendors and platforms, ensuring accurate, efficient, and reliable fund data management.
Platform Integrations
Prebuilt for platforms such as Hub, Netwealth, Praemium, BT and more
Advisor Software Solutions
Can assist with integrations with common advisor software
Commentary Auto-Script
Automate commentary templates for long-form marketing content
Benchmarks & Peer Indexes
Bespoke benchmarks can be created for specific client mandates
Common Plugins
For Custodians, Record Keepers, Fund Administrators
Data Transformation
Reduce spreadsheet work for analysts with automated data transformation

Ease the burden of inefficient data collection policies

Avoid the risk of compliance errors and data inconsistencies from manually combining mixed technology sources.