The Digital Fund Factsheet Revolution

The investment manager is usually time-poor and has larger priorities such as outperforming the markets, as such fund factsheets are often a cumbersome afterthought. In order for the manager to be successful, they usually need to increase AuM and improve their marketing to reach new clients while keeping existing clients happy to prevent redemptions. When considering the fund factsheet product process, the manager should consider the following questions:

  • How efficient is our fund factsheet production process
  • Are we compliant with regulations
  • Do we have a long term plan for our fund sheets
  • Is our fund factsheet process integrated with our brokerage and performance attribution process
  • Can our fund factsheet solution scale to meet the new growth of clients

At Quant Reports, we believe that digital fund factsheets are the future and offer some real business benefits, and offer a new paradigm of fund marketing.Some notes regarding traditional fund factsheets:

  • Generally they produced on a monthly basis, most often around the 17th of the following month.
  • They are marketing documents (not regulatory documents), however they must comply with regulatory guidance
  • In the past, factsheets were generally produced by in-house mixed technology solutions, with a cumbersome process of printing them or emailing out to clients

Digital fund factsheets offer significant advantages, at Quant Reports we consider them to be an evolution in fund marketing, you can view an example here, or for more information get in contact.

example of digital fund factsheet