data management

Avoid errors and complications from manually combined data sources. Quant Reports unified-data solution employs adaptable tools that proficiently centralize and standardize diverse platforms sources, benchmark providers, advisor software and fund administrators.
  • Robust calculations
  • Admin & platform agnostic
  • Scalable & adaptable
  • Easy integrations
  • Reduced errors
  • Faster delivery
  • Platform integration
  • Aggregation & transformation
  • Regulatory compliance

Quant Reports' data warehouse provides streamlined data integration, consolidating multiple data sources to create a comprehensive and reliable data foundation. As a data-agnostic solution, it employs tools that proficiently centralize and standardize diverse sources, from platforms, benchmark providers, advisor software and fund administrators, ensuring a unified and adaptable data environment.

Simplified Data Aggregation
Eliminate the complexities of data collection with Quant Reports' robust data warehouse, offering seamless integration and access to an expansive data universe. Its data-agnostic approach ensures an adaptable and cohesive data environment, centralizing and standardizing from various sources.
In-depth and Efficient Data Analysis
Navigate through vast volumes of internal and industry data with a solution that refines, consolidates, and aggregates datasets. This allows managers to focus on core tasks while also ensuring precision and control in decision-making through accurate, up-to-date data.
Advanced Data Management Techniques
Utilize innovative data management techniques that offer centralized and standardized data from diverse sources. Data sequencing and customized insights, including custom benchmarks and tailored data feeds, facilitate efficient data management and provide unique, actionable insights.
Regulatory Compliance & Governance
Align data management practices with prevailing regulatory requirements, ensuring that all processes and data utilization are in compliance. Implement robust data governance policies and practices to ensure high data quality, management, and regulatory adherence.
Single Source of Truth
Adopt a single source of truth in a world of growing regulatory focus, ensuring that risk management is streamlined and reliable. Implementing strategies and utilizing tools to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks are paramount in maintaining data integrity and consistency.
Scalable & Adaptable Data Solutions
Ensure the data management system is capable of handling growth and changes in data volume and complexity by adopting scalable solutions. The flexibility of the system to integrate new data sources or adapt to changing data structures is crucial to accommodating evolving business needs.
Optimise your mixed data problem 
Quant Reports can streamline your fund data management processes with dynamically linked reports connected to a centralised database - being data agnostic we can also connect to many providers or sources.
Automated investor reporting
Take advantage of significant time, cost and resource savings for investor reporting and communication - which can be reinvested in strategic activities for Wealth Managers.

The data warehouse can aggregate data from multiple sources, and integrates seamlessly with Report Studio and Data Lab.

A front-end reporting solution for creating high quality digital investment reports.
Enabling investment professionals to design distinct data services with our advanced reporting framework.

Streamline with a unified data management system

Quant Reports simplifies data complexity, offering a unified-data solution that centralizes and standardizes disparate sources, eradicating errors and manual complications. Our data warehouse integrates multiple streams into one reliable foundation, fostering a centralized, adaptable, and platform-agnostic environment for all your data needs.