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Quant Reports provides a front-end reporting tool for creating high quality investment reports while ensuring intelligent management of report structures, content, automated workflow and an audit trail. The solution also enables easy integration of new data sources, alterations to existing reports and facilitates seamless transitions from raw data to digital/print-ready output.
A front end portal for investment professionals that can generate high quality digital reports
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The Report Studio is a secure, dynamic solution for creating high-quality digital reports with direct database integration or through DataLab and Data Warehouse. It features self-serve portfolio analysis, automated smart reporting with accountability, and a drag-and-drop design tool for easy report crafting. The suite ensures compliance, facilitates efficient document management, and provides moderation workflows for content review.

Front-End Reporting Suite
Experience a dynamic front-end solution designed to produce premium investment reports. Accessible via a secure portal, you can connect directly to your own, database as a standalone data source or integrate seamlessly with our internal solutions.
Efficiency & Compliance
Minimize compliance risks and optimize your time by refining your reporting methods. Our solution covers a wide range of documents from institutional reports, factsheets, quarterly summaries and financial advice documents.
Moderation & Access Workflows
Enable streamlined moderation workflows with permission levels to manage content updates and review processes.
Smart Reporting Mechanisms
Our scalable and automated reporting framework offers intelligent oversight of report designs and content. Benefit from transparent workflow processes and an automatic audit trail for heightened accountability.
User Friendly Experience
Empower your team with the ability to rapidly craft reports using our straightforward drag-and-drop tool, or with assistance from Quant Reports. Effortlessly write and add commentary each month, while the data and charts are dynamically generated.
Streamlined Document Management
Organize, manage, and retrieve your reports with ease and efficiency, with optional delivery into client-side cloud storage.
White-label Reports
Quant Reports features a comprehensive range of white label reporting outputs with customisable options to suit any requirement.
Bespoke Fund Factsheets
Fund factsheets are crucial decision-making tools for investors. Quant Reports offers an efficient, cost-effective way to create them and more adaptable solution compared to traditional manual methods.
Investment Websites
Our platform enables investment professionals to create investor websites effortlessly, visualize data automatically, and offer secure, self-service report access with customizable, brand-aligned financial presentations.

With a secure login portal, access it as a standalone connecting safely to your client database, or integrate seamlessly with DataLab and Data Warehouse.

Enabling investment professionals to design distinct data services with our advanced reporting framework.
Streamlined data integration, consolidating multiple data sources to for a comprehensive and reliable data foundation.

Front-end investment reports with Report Studio

Craft high-quality digital reports effortlessly with ReportStudio's front-end builder. Manage report structures and workflows smartly, and see how it streamlines your workflow.
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