Advanced reporting for investment


Quant Reports offers a wide range of Digital Reporting solutions for Investment Professionals that can enhance investor communications and client reporting materials.

White-label reports
Create balanced, coherent reports, personalised to suit your fund mandate and brand.
In-depth portfolio insights
Provide your investment team with enhanced portfolio transparency, improving the consistency and repeatability of their investment mandate while providing new insights.
Multi-asset analytics
Simplify the process of multi-asset data collection and attribution with our streamlined integration tools.
Mixed-data management
Avoid the risk of compliance errors and data inconsistencies from manually combining mixed technology sources.
Market segment solutions
Catering to varied investment management scenarios with tailored solutions and flexible customisations to ensure every financial strategist finds a solution perfectly attuned to their unique needs and objectives.
Faster delivery, less errors
Intelligent automation tools help you take advantage of significant time, cost and resource savings, which can be reinvested in strategic activities that support long-term business goals.